Science Interview Questions – any suggestions?

These are the Misconceptions Interview Questions I have so far for the topic: “sound”.  Any suggestions?  Anything your students are having trouble with?

  1. What is music?  An art?  A science?  Both?
  2. What do you think sound looks like?  Draw it here.
  3. If student doesn’t draw a wave, ask “Can you draw a sound wave for me?”
  4. What is an ultrasound?
  5. Can sounds be made without any material objects?
  6. Can you tell me how telephone wires work?  How can I have a conversation with my grandmother in Ohio?
  7. What part of your ear helps you hear sounds?
  8. What do megaphones do?
  9.  Are loudness and pitch the same things?
  10. Why are some sounds louder than others?
  11. When a book falls on the floor, do you hear it hit at the exact same time that you see it hit the ground?
  12. When a car drives by, what happens to the sound it makes as it passes by you?
  13. Are lightning and thunder caused by the same force?
  14. When people talk, what is happening to their vocal cords?
  15. How do vocal cords work?

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