514 – UDL in My Classroom

I enjoyed learning about UDL, Universal Design for Learning, this week.  Although i was quite confused at first, it was very helpful to learn about how Universal Design actually began with archichitecture.  People used to design buildings and then go back and make them user-friendly.  Now, architects think about ramps and wide doors and emergency exits before they even begin construction.  As teachers, we must take into consideration the needs of our students before we even start planning or teaching.

I have been thinking about how I can implement elements of UDL in my own classroom.  I hope to be able to provide lots of different methods to present information to my students.  I know that people respond to various presentations differently, and I want to make sure I can reach all of my students.  I also plan to use more than just quizzes and tests to determine what my students know and have learned.  Games, projects, songs, and other activities are good tools for student assessment that often go unnoticed.  I want to meet the needs of my diverse learners by using lots of pre-assessments and taking time to discuss with my students what they know, what they want to know, and what needs to change.  Of course, I will set high expectations for all of my students so that they are encouraged to strive for their best work in all aspects of learning.


For more information on UDL visit: http://www.advocacyinstitute.org/UDL/



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2 responses to “514 – UDL in My Classroom

  1. melissaeller

    Katie –

    I like that you mentioned “games” as a part of UDL – – I had thought of the normal projects, hands-on activities, experiements, etc, as ways to avoid the usual tests and worksheets, but I hadn’t thought of games. You are definitely right when you say that people respond to various presentations in different way – some students love games. What a great way to include everyone.


  2. Samantha


    I also really enjoyed learning about UDL. I think you have some really great thoughts about how to incorporate it into your classroom! I love how you plan to pay attention to your children as informal assessments so you are not always doing tests and quizzes and you are also learning more about them. One great thing you mentioned is how you are open to change if something isn’t working for your diverse learners. You make a great point that we, as teachers, should be getting to know our students, and if somethings isn’t working, then we should be willing and ready to change how we are teaching it. I also loved the song and games ideas!

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