514 – My “Sound” Glog!

Hey yall.  Check out my Glog on Sound that I made using glogster.com.

SUCH a cool, free tool!



I learned so much from our class focusing on technology instruction.  Technology can be used in an almost infinite number of ways to engage students in learning…especially in science!  I enjoyed learning about James Gee and his philosophy on video games.  It is refreshing to see someone promoting the increasingly popular hobby rather than bashing it for violence or “rotting kids’ brains.”  I think that children, for the most part, will play video games regardless, so why not make fun, interactive, and educational games that kids are drawn to and will want to play.  If you can make the learning almost subconscious, the kids won’t even know that they are actually practicing academic skills.

I could see myself using Glogster or SAM animation in my 2nd grade placement classroom.  Either technology would have been great for our previous “States of Matter” unit.  I could create a SAM animation reel that shows the development of a caterpillar to a butterfly in our upcoming  life cycles unit.

The great thing about SAM and Glogster is that they can be created to suit nearly any topic and included any and all desired information.  They enable information to be presented to students in an engaging, interactive manner…a great improvement from reading from a textbook!


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  1. Hi Katie,

    I totally agree with your point that kids are going to play video games no matter what, so it is best to make them educational. We often learn about the importance of tailoring instruction to meet the needs and interests of our students and video games are a great and effective way to do just that. We shouldn’t just ignore video games all together but instead welcome them into the classroom and make the most of them. Great post!

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