ELLs in My Classroom

I am in a 2nd grade placement, and we have many English language learners in our classroom.  Ours is the ELL cluster class for the grade level.  Although not all of the students are labeled as ELLs, there are lots of different languages represented in our classroom, inclusing Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Hispanic.  We use many different strategies to benefit all students’ learning, but there are a few that especially benefit ELLs.  My CT has many multicultural books in her library and incorporates them in read alouds, guided, reading, activities, and as parts of lessons.  She also encourages her students to read these boks during their independent reading time.  She also tries to find other leveled books that incorporate certain cultures or characters for the ELL students.  There are lots of visuals used in our classroom, which help the ELLs to recall strategies visited in previous lessons or words and concepts they might have forgotten.  These students also have access to children’s dictionaries and vocabulary glossaries when they need to use them.

As the year progresses, I think my CT is discovering more and more ways to help her ELLs succeed in the classroom.


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