514 – Parachutes with 4th Graders at Haw River

At Haw River Elementary last Monday, we did the parachute activity again with the students.    This time we worked with 4th graders, which was a very different experience for me.  The students had been excited all morning about getting to do this activity, and we thought it was our best science experience yet!    As opposed to the 2nd and 3rd graders, these students were very vocal in expressing their opinions and ideas about the activity, discussing gravity and parachutes and how they work.  I did feel a bit restricted by the amount of time we were able to devote to this activity.  My students were more interested and involved in this science element than in any of the other subjects we worked with.  I would have liked the science, math, and literacy activities to have been INTEGRATED so that they flowed more smoothly.  I think this would make our time more beneficial for both us and the students.



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2 responses to “514 – Parachutes with 4th Graders at Haw River

  1. Great blog! I didn’t think about the lessons being integrated but that would have been conducive for us and for the students. I definitely agree that the students were more interested in science than in the other subjects. It’s interesting to see how your students felt about science since we were in the same classroom, and my students in particular were not fond of math– I wonder if this is the same throughout the school? Although I had the best experience with the 4th graders as far as being vocal about their thoughts and such, I still felt that they were stronger in the literacy and science lessons. Clearly these students are excited about science!

  2. Rebekah Stanley

    Having the 3 subjects integrated is a great idea. It is so hard to come into a random classroom and teach 3 different subjects with on 3 different topics. By integrating them we could build on the previous activities and make it more meaningful for everyone. It was very interesting to see the progression of the students over the 3 grades. Each grade seem to be more developed, as they should.

    Great blog!

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