513 – Taking A Broader Look: Reading Literacy Education

“When literacy educators become more politically involved, they have more influence on the legislation that affects their own lives and their students’ futures.”

I was very interested to read this article by Edmondson about the importance of understanding the politics of education.  I often feel like the political aspect of education is beyond my control, and that I must simply roll with the punches in terms of new legislation. 

I completely understand what it means when the article discusses “trends” in education.  It seems like there is always a new

The Jeep analogy, while somewhat of a stretch, did manage to illustrate what’s been going on in the education system…temporary fixes for real problems.  The real issues with literacy are often overshadowed or ignored…quick fixes will not remedy them.  We must take a broader look at what the big picture problems are.  One statement in particular stood out to me.  It read, “There needs to be an explicit rsistance to policies that do not reflect the values of educatiors and the communities in which they teach.”  So true.

The article outlined three important things to remember and look for when presented with proposals for new policies in education. 

  1. Follow the money
  2. Who are the players?  Where did they come from?  What are their values?
  3. Who is likely to benefit?

It is interesting to think about all of the behind the scenes information that is completely left out when education proposals are presented to educators.  it is important that educators and all members of society take a critical stance and take care to really examine what kind of legislation is being passed.

Although this artile was a far cry from the typical texts we have been reading for our methods courses, I thought it was a good way to wrap up our final semester of “real” classes.  We are slowly moving into the real world of teaching and it is important for all of us to realize that it is about more than what books you read or what activities are in your lessons.  We are a part of the big picture, too.



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2 responses to “513 – Taking A Broader Look: Reading Literacy Education

  1. kristenwendover


    You’re quote below is very similar to my reaction from reading this article.

    “I often feel like the political aspect of education is beyond my control, and that I must simply roll with the punches in terms of new legislation. ”

    I agree with you that it is good for us to be exposed to some articles like this as we start our journey out into teaching. I think one of the biggest things I got from this article was to think critically about legislation using the questions that you listed above. Then the next step is to do whatever part we can to make a difference.

  2. melissaeller

    Katie –

    I like the way you summarized the reading of this article – as a good wrap-up for the semester. Realizing that we too are “players” in this game is going to be important for us next year – knowing that even though we are young, inexperienced, first-year teachers, that we can effect change in our classrooms through our own differentiated literacy practices.

    Good post –


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