My Project Thus Far

Personally, I am finding it very difficult to collect data for this case study.  I am taking over more and more tasks each day, and I feel like every moment not teaching is spent working with students one on one or preparing for my next lesson.   I recognize that collecting the data is a crucial part of creating effective behavior plans for individual students, but it is overwhelming to think about collecting this data while full-time teaching!  It seems that specialists would be able to come in and conduct these assessments for teachers, but I guess they would not be able to come into the classroom often enough to gat meaningful data.

In the data I have been able to gather, I have seen some interesting focusing issues with my case study student.  He seems to be completely attentive on the carpet during read alouds, and math lessons, but activities such as word study and science cannot keep his attention.  He also struggles with working independently and is easily frustrated when working on something different than his classmates.  We try to keep this at a minimum, but some activities take him longer to complete than they take his classmates, therefore he is left to finish the assignment while other students move on.  This situation causes him to rush through or become frustrated with assignments that he would otherwise be able to handle independently.  This frustration can lead to aggressive comments, either to himself or toward his classmates.

It was a rather rough week  in general for our class.  Our new TA does not seem to have the behavior managment strategies necessary for handling our students on her own.  They have been coming back from lunch and recess all riled up and there are constantly “bad reports” from her.  She is a very sweet lady, but she needs to be more firm with them so that they respect her.  My CT and I discussed this with her this week and suggested some ideas for finding the balance between compassion and firmness.  We have implemented a “bean jar” which does not introduce any new expectations, but enforces those rules and procedures that have been in place all year.  I am hopeful that this strategy, paired with more effective behavior management techniques will result in a more cohesive and less confusing environment for the class as a whole.



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3 responses to “My Project Thus Far

  1. sydneypender

    I completely agree with you about collecting data, it’s the last thing on my mind right now and I keep forgetting to do it! I’m trying to think of a way to make this better. I need to make my data collection form more accessible so that I’m constantly reminded of taking notes on my student. I might have a certain place on my desk where I can always see it so that it reminds me to write things on it. If I think of anything that really works, I’ll let you know !

  2. kristenwendover


    You mention that you are having trouble collecting data, but it seems that you already have a great deal of information and observations about your student. This could all be anecdotal notes that are used as data! I hope the situation with your TA improves.

    See you Monday!

  3. I thought it was interesting the comment you made about specialists coming in! I feel like I talk a lot with my CT about all the expectations put on regular classroom teachers. It’s been interesting to see interactions among staff and really get a feel for the extra stuff such as dealing with these types of problems that is just assumed that it easily fits into our daily schedule. Good luck with the rest of it!

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