My Project So Far…

I took over “full-time” teaching this past week.  Whew!  It is so much different to not have your CT in the classroom with you.  It made me realize the importance of planning ahead and thinking on your feet.

As for my case study, it is going fairly well.  I still struggle to get my notes written down, even though I am continuously making observations about my student’s behavior. 

My CT and I are noticing definite imporvements in my case study’s daily behavior, but he continues to struggle with frustration issues.  His confidence seems to fail him when he is faced with a challenging activity or an instructional level text.  We want him to feel successful, but we also want to encourage him to grow.

We have recommended him so summer school classes, which I think will help to bolster his self-confidence.  Hopefully he can master many of the essential second grade skills that he will need as he moves on to third grade next year.

I think I will have much more time to reflect on his growth once I really ge thte hang of full-time teaching.  My CT, TA, and I do discuss his behavior on a regular basis and are constantly thinking of behavior management methods and best practices to implement to help him be more successful in the classroom.



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2 responses to “My Project So Far…

  1. kristenwendover

    Glad to hear that your case study is proving to be successful! Keeping notes throughout the day is challenging, when there are so many other things going on. I have found whenever I need to keep notes throughout the day, post-its are helpful. Its great that you, your CT, and your TA talk about his progress and possible modifications so often. Have a relaxing break!

  2. sydneypender

    I’m really glad you’re seeing improvement in your case study student. I’ve often wondered about summer school classes and if they do help. I’d be interested to see if summer school classes for your student would help in all of the ways you’re hoping. It does seem like a good idea for kids who we know aren’t going to have any academic activities whatsoever going on during the summer. Kids who don’t have parents who read to them or books at home do really fall behind during the summer. Good luck, keep up the good work!

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