April Reading – “Rules, Praise, Ignoring, and Reprimands”

I recognize that I am truly lucky to be working with the group of students I have in my classroom this year.  There are very few behavior problems, and even those seem minimal compared to other classrooms I have been in.  I chose to read this article, because I wanted to learn more about how to more effectively praise and reprimand my students day to day.    I know that teachers can become too comfortable in the classroom, and can sometimes forget that even well-behaved and high performing students need attention in terms of praise and reprimanding.

Since my class is so well-behaved in general, I often find myself calling out the same 2 or 3 students over and over for disruptions and off-task behavior.  My stupervisor has called my attention to this, and I have since been trying to keep from saying their names more than necessary.  This article made me realize that ignoring disruptive behavior, although difficult, can sometimes prove to be the most effective way to discourage it. 

I also enjoyed reading about the importance of rules and expectations in the classroom, not only to smooth activities and transitions, but to provide students with a sense of security, organization, and structure in their day to day lives at school.  Sometimes I get caught up in the do’s and don’ts, but I really need to stop and think about WHY we have these expectations and why the rules are in place.  This is also a conversation that we can have with our students, as they more than anyone need to truly understand why we expect certain behaviors from them.

I am planning to implement some of the new strategies I have learned from reading this article, but I also think that reading it just helped me to put things back into perspective in terms of my role as a teacher in the classroom.  I need to provide constant support and constructive feedback, despite how overwhelmed I may be with the content of the lessons and the chaos of the day to day.



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2 responses to “April Reading – “Rules, Praise, Ignoring, and Reprimands”

  1. kristenwendover

    It is great to hear about this article, because it is different than the one I chose to read. I think it is great that the article applied so closely with your current experiences in your placement. One of your comments that really struck me is the importance of remembering to provide constructive feedback. We can not get caught up in giving attention to negative behavior. Sometimes ignoring the negative behavior as you mentioned and instead capitalizing on pointing out positive behavior can be the extremely effective.

    Great post.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. sydneypender

    Reading your response to this article makes me want to read it as well. I have a very well-behaved class this year too, and although I’m so very lucky to be working with this group of children, but I feel like I’m not learning some of the behavior management strategies that might be necessary in a classroom with more behavior problems. Thanks for the insight, I’ll definitely be reading this article soon!

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