My Case Study Project So Far

As my full-time student teaching is coming to an end, I am observing more and more of my case study student’s behaviors during class.  It has been very interesting to watch and see how the SST referral process goes and just how many steps the classroom teacher must take just to get a student considered.  We have discussed my case study student at a few different PLC meetings, sharing strategies and possible solutions with other teachers who may have experienced similar issues with students.  My CT and I recently met with his mother who has raised some concernes about possible issues with his behavior, attention, and academics.  She has just put him on medication, so my CT and I have been keeping detailed anecdotal notes to keep track of any differences in behavior.  We have noticed some peculiar mood swings throughout the day…sometimes he will be extrememly fidgety and chatty and other times he will stare off into space, completely quiet and aloof.  I am interested to see how his treatment continues.  We have referred this student to attend summer school to help support his recent growth in academics.  My CT and I feel that he needs this extra boost of confidence in  order to succeed in he 3rd grade.  I think his parents have decided to enroll him in a private summer tutoring program to replace the public school option, which is fine as long as he is receiving the extra support.

I have grown quite close to this student over the past year and I am very sad to think that I won’t be seeing him every day anymore.  I think his overall attitude toward school has improved tremendously and he has become more confident in himself and his abilities in the classroom.  My case study student has made many friends over the year, and I hope that they will serve as good influences on him as he advances to 3rd grade next year.

While I have collected quite a bit of data and notes, I have not progressed very far on the actual project write-up.  I have my work cut out for me this weekend!


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