Case Study Powerpoint

Case Study Part II



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3 responses to “Case Study Powerpoint

  1. kristenwendover

    It is interesting to read your formal project since I have also heard about this student in our PLC meetings. It is great that you are focusing on using best practices (your list) that will help not only your student, but also your whole class. I’m glad to hear that he has made so much progress. Your goals to make him more independent will be very important as he moves to 3rd grade. I think the “chill card” is a very neat idea! Glad your case study and semester went well.

    See you at graduation!

  2. I also enjoyed reading about your student! I really like how everyone working with him was involved in the process of developing this behavior plan. I feel strongly about collaboration in these situations in order to build the community feeling but also for the student to know where they are getting their support from. Great job on this project!

    See you soon!
    Congratulations on being done!

  3. sydneypender

    Such a great power point, Katie! It’s fun to read and has so much great information. I really like your ideas classroom management and classroom community, I basically echoed you in my powerpoint.

    I also really like what you did with your behavior intervention plan. I think that you were really clear with your expectations and your student knew exactly what was expected. I also love the idea of the chill card and “chill time.” I think that there were some students in my class who could have benefited from that idea. I’ll definitely use it in the future. Congrats on being done!

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